Прошивка 3.0.1 для Lerdge-S

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Прошивка 3.0.1 для Lerdge-S

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Последняя прошивка для плат Lerdge-S версии 3.0.1 от 2018.11.09
История версий
Lerdge-S Board
Firmware version update description

The original firmware

1. Optimize the positioning algorithm of the pause and start printing.
2. Optimize the real-time calculation algorithm of motor-driven.
3. Add the light control function.

1. Optimize the PID temperature regulation control.
2. Optimize the stability of thermocouple temperature measuring.
3. Add the setting function of homing origin.

1. Add the motor cut-off frequency option in the options of the motor setting. The motherboard motor drive frequency can be up to 200 KHz. Please choose according to the use of the motor drive module cut-off frequency. For example, if use DRV8825, please choose 50 KHz; if A4988, please choose 100 KHz; and if LV8729, please choose 50 KHz.
2. Modify the control interface, remove the cooling option, and add the fan control options
3. Modify the parameter delete mode. The parameters can be deleted all at once, no need to delete one by one.
4. Modify the print interface. Move the emergency stop button to the left side of the screen, to prevent the print failure caused by accidental touch.
5. Modify the font to improve the interface visual experience.

Deep optimization for COREXY models.

V1.1.5 (beta)
1. Open the non-linear leveling function for the whole models. For example, it can level the non-linear print plane caused by PCB deformation (open beta, the internal test has been passed)
2. Achieve the intelligent identification of the motor drive cut-off frequency, no longer need to manually set the motor cut-off frequency.
3. Add the intelligent detection of materials/filaments. The materials detection module can be hot-swappable
4. Add function of automatic shutdown after printing (need to cooperate with the power control module)
5. Add function of software shutdown and software restart (need to cooperate with the power control module)
6. Add the amount of compensation for the three-side push rods of the Delta models. The users can adjust the compensation for the length of the push rods through the G code
7. Modify part of the UI details.
Main improvements: support for auto-leveling, material testing, automatic shutdown, and breakpoint function.

V1.1.5 Official stable version
1. Improve the non-linear leveling function for the whole models based on the test version.
2. Add the M0 code for pause printing, and M1 code for resumption of printing
3. Add the limit switch and leveling probe trigger mode settings page in the advanced settings. The limit switch that can be set and used is high-level trigger or low-level trigger mode.
4. Further optimize the motor drive signal algorithm to ensure that the motor stepper drive pulse signals are stable, continuous and average.

Add the function of manual masking for Auto Leveling Data, to prevent unintentional movement of the print head due to incorrect compensation in the Z-axis direction caused by the erroneous auto-leveling data.

V1.1.7 (beta1)
1. The interface is updated. All the color scheme of the interface is optimized, together with more user-friendly icon and operation.
2. Automatic leveling. 2s~3s will be delayed after the release of the servo/steering gear for the detection of the first point, to wait for the servo release completely.
3. Increase the detection points from the old version of the maximum 81 points to 1024 points for auto-leveling, to accurately detect flatness of the large printing platform.
4. Add the leveling test function, which making it more convenient to check the leveling effect after automatic leveling.
5. Add the function of manual fine-tuning for Z-axis. Users can easily optimize the effect after the leveling. And this function can also help to fine-tune the printing results when printing the first layer.
6. Open the axis limit switch compensation for the delta users. It's easy to adjust to eliminate the difference between the various limit switches.
7. Add the UI180 degree rotation function, which can fit the different habits of the user to use.
8. Cancel the emergency stop button when printing, to prevent from the stop caused by malfunction.
9. Improve the use of configuration files to configure all the parameters of the system functions, and make it open.
10. Change the filament replacing function in control interface to cooling function.
11. Remove the hotend and heated bed PID adjustment functions in the control interface of the printing process.
12. The extruder will be released after the printing paused, making it easy to manually replace the filament.
13. Add the double-headed print function (closed beta, not open yet, need to be used with the dual extruder module).
14. Modify the drive signal of the motor direction prior to the pulse signal 10us established, to ensure the drivers stably drive.
15. Add the servo control button in the operator interface.
16. Enhance the stability of the power supply wave detection.

V1.1.7 (beta2)
1. Modify the bug of "+" "-" in move control operation interface
2. Add the automatic leveling software limit
3. Add the fan and light opening settings
4. Add the function of using automatic leveling probe as Z-axis limit/endstop
5. Fix the bug that cannot set the minimum temperature of the heated bed
6. To reduce the speed override effect, the moving speed in the process of printing pause and resume is fixed to the homing speed of the three axis.

V1.1.7 (beat3)
1. Fix the bug that printer stays in the heating stage when need to continue to print after saving.
2. To confirm the value more conveniently, all the parameters value will be quickly displayed above the corresponding operation icons.

V1.1.7 (beta4)
1. Remove the maximum temperature (300 degrees) limit in the software. The maximum temperature can be set manually, to achieve the high temperature printing.
2. To make the dual printing available for the XYZ and COREXY models.

V1.1.7 (beta5)
1. To make the dual printing available for the delta models.
2. Add the cooling fan control function for the new motherboard (The cooling fan will be closed when the temperature of the hotend is below 40 degrees, and it will be opened when over 40 degrees, only the latest motherboard support.)
3. Add the temperature measurement method selection to the software (The old motherboard need to be used with the software and hardware together to achieve the different temperature measurement. The latest motherboard can be used directly to modify the temperature via the software.)
4. Add the 3-point linear automatic leveling mode, which makes the leveling way more abundant.
5. Add the detection for temperature anomaly, to prevent the accident caused by the thermometer head off from the heating block but still keep heating the block during the heating process.
6. Fix the bug of the lighting control failure during the printing process.
7. Fix the bug of the wrong extrusion or withdrawal during the manual operation of the extruder.
8. Adjust part of the UI order.

V1.1.7 (beta6)
1. Modify the temperature anomaly detection method, to prevent the failure of printing caused by the heating of the hotend stopped when there is hotend temperature measurement error during the normal printing.

V1.1.7 (beta7)
1. Improve the material detection methods, enhance the system anti-jamming capability.
2. Add WiFi port information to facilitate communication settings.
3. Add the QR code of communication information identification, it can be used for Lerdge APP to online control after scanning the code.
4. Add the replacement function. Add the replacement of the filament parameter settings in the advanced settings of models.
5. Modify the stability of the temperature range when resume printing, from the old version of 1 degrees Celsius to 5 degrees Celsius.
6. Improve the logical relationship between the dual heads switching and automatic leveling.

1. UI revision, more humane, closer to the operation
2. Add the UI color custom function
3. Modify the default lighting brightness from the original 100% to 50%
4. Improve the circular hot bed leveling probe logic, narrow the blind spot
5. Improve the automatic leveling blind area data algorithm to improve the leveling effect
6. Modify the file arrangement, in accordance with the creation time, to do descending order to facilitate the selection of new documents
7. Optimize the knife path planning acceleration and deceleration algorithm
8. Add more G code (see Lerdge G code table)
9. Add the function to automatically return the filament and close heating the hotend after a long time without any operating when filament runs out.
10. Add the function of one key to re-print after the printing is finished.
11. Add the function of one key to return to the print files directory after the printing is finished.
12. Add the extrusion ratio setting during the printing process.
13. Add the replacing filament operation during the printing process.
14. Modify the motor direction signal stabilization time (automatically set according to the mutation speed), to ensure that the correct operation of different external drives.
15. Optimize the motor drive signal generation algorithm to ensure that the 200K drive frequency of real-time calculation will not make any overflow lost step.
16. Add the RGB light adjustable control
17. Add the function of supporting the webpage parameter configuration.

1. Fix the bug of model cooling fan out of control issue
2. Fix the bug of automatic leveling probe offset
3. Optimize the stability of online control (PC test software: repetier-host, simplified3D)

1. Fix the bug of the delta model Z-axis when leveling
2. Adjust the convergence of the Delta when moving.
3. Fix the bug of garbled display after scanning the QR code
4. Fix the bug that can not continue to print where it stopped when accidental power off happens.
5. Modify the blind zone algorithm of delta auto-leveling to optimize the automatic leveling effect.
6. Fix the bug that the minimum temperature can not be set.

Lerdge-S V2.0.3
1. Fix the recognition error BUG of dual extrusion module (2 in 2 out).
2. Fix the BUG of showing the error status after the printing is finished.
3. Fix the BUG that the lighting control and fan can only be opened and closed, but can not adjust the opening.
4. Fix the target temperature display error BUG when hot bed PID is automatically set.
5. Fine-tune the UI icon.
6. Adjust the recognition area of down button and return button in selection file interface, to reduce the touch misoperation.
7. Add wifi hotspot search function (need to cooperate with the Lerdge wifi module).
8. Add wifi hotspot selection and password input function (need to cooperate with the Lerdge wifi module).

Lerdge-S V2.0.4
1. Compatible with the latest IPS full viewing angle touch screen
2. Shield the boot forced calibration function, to prevent entry the calibration interface for those connected to the steering gear/servo.

Lerdge-S V2.0.5
1. Fix the bug of the Z axis rise when Delta printers dual heads switching.
2. Add the prompt interface when there is device fault during the offline printing, to solve the crash problem caused by the storage device.
3. Modify the data storage sequence when accidental power-off happens, to ensure the data storage complete.

Lerdge-S V2.0.6
1. Fix the restore factory settings display refresh problem
2. Add the safety detection logic when the probe is used for Z-axis homing detection (if the auto-leveling probe is used for the Z-axis homing function, the system will move the print head to the middle of the printing platform and then execute Z Axis homing operation)
3. Add the wiring settings for 6 limit switches and leveling probe (Can set normal open or normal close according to the actual limit switch wiring method in the software)
4. Add the memory operation exception reminder page, can accurately troubleshoot the print failure caused by the memory problems.
5. Add the voice prompts when do the automatic leveling probe trigger settings. When the probe is triggered, the buzzer sounds, and if not triggered, there is no voice prompt.
6. Add the reset angle of automatic leveling probe. And when for bltouch error status, reset the motherboard, the bltouch will be reset as well.
7. Fix the issue that the host computer can not read the temperature when the online connected.
8. Modify the control logic of the mobile interface. The axes that without homing can also be controlled directly without forced homing.
9. Change the stop position (when paused) from the original fixed (3,3) coordinate point to the position determined by the origin setting position.

Lerdge-S V2.0.7
1. Add the wifi communication protocol, and complete the underlying code of WiFi controlling
2. Fix the bug that auto-leveling repeat the compensation after replacing the material
3. Correct the enable timing of limit switch
4. Optimize the motion path cache planning
5. Fix the storage location of the printing progress. Solve the problem of printing progress get lost that caused by upgrading the system or updating the boot screen
6. Add the detection function for hotend temperature abnormality or power shortage
7. Fix the problem that printhead will return to the printing pieces if there is still power after the print head is moved away when unexpected power failure happens
8. Update the PID automatic calibration algorithm
9. Add the function that after printing finished, it will wait for the hotend cooling down before automatic shutdown to avoid getting clogged.
10. Add the function of restoring the touch screen factory parameters by pressing the center of the touch screen after power on (used to restore the touch screen function)
11. After setting the factory password, it will hide the operation option of touch calibration and reversal UI, to avoid the misoperation by users that may lead to the touching failure.
12.Fix the repeated homing action during the automatic leveling.
13.Fix the bug of the screen failure caused by the touch calibration failure after inverting the UI.
14.The name of the print file is added to the prompt box after the printing is finished to confirm the printed file.

Lerdge-S V2.0.8
1. Optimize the screen display dark situation that around the edges.
2. Modify part of the English expression vocabulary in the interface.
3. Fix the bug that auto-leveling data overlays after replacing the filament in the pause mode.

Lerdge-S V3.0.0 2018.10.09
1. Open Wi-Fi LAN function (open test)
2.delete the options not used in the settings
3.The z-axis display height in printing is modified to two decimal places after the decimal point
4.Optimize the initialization process of large-capacity storage devices and improve the recognition rate of large-capacity storage devices
5.Add support the COREXZ models structure(test phase)

Lerdge-S V3.0.1 2018.11.09
1. Fix the problem that the V3.0.0 version cannot be saved after the UI is reversed.
2, add TF card to save the print progress when a hardware error occurs
3. Modified some parameter level relationships in the structure setting
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